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Double Earnings of Paid-To-Promote, the website it has looks very dull and unprofessional from outside but believe me it's the best earning method i have ever seen on internet. Although you don't start earning without investing, here i am talking about investing hard work. 
Paid-to-promote has a very simple process of making money through traffic. You just need to go on their website, fill up the sign-up form and put the codes on your blog or website. There's no need of verifying your website before they allow you to join, all can be done easily. You can start earning just after the sign-up.

If you have huge traffic on your blog and earning then there's a good NEWS for you, you can double up your earning with the Script i have. How does it work ? Just manipulating the way PTP works, the reason this script works is because PTP gives you money for the traffic and the script just doubles up your traffic, it means if one person visits your site it will be counted 2 for the PTP system and that's legal.

You won't find these kinds of script on the internet and because you will be earning big so i don't also want to go empty hands. The script is just for $50 and i will personally guide you how to set it up.

Buy the script for $59

To buy the script simply email me on with your message. 


  1. try new cpm and not scam

  2. It is 0.001 per click on the ads

    1. It's only for high traffic websites, enable popup for more revenue. One with 100k Pageviews daily can earn more than $300 per month.

  3. yeaaaa is better i think so :D

  4. try, they pay every net15 on date 1st and 15th with a $5 minimum payout

  5. thnks dude, thats really helpful
    don't forget to visit my blog back @

  6. Great article! I just wanted to say this post is right on the money. Apps are difficult to market, and games specifically have there own challenges. Video is definitely one of the best tools to get started with, and search engines love video. Most apps need explanation with a voice over, but most games dont, so you really need to present the game play in an enticing way and keep it short. You can make one yourself easily with your developer tool and a decent screen recorder. It takes some time but its well worth it. You could also just pay somebody to do it. I personally have used blue fortress media to make mine, but I know there are other good ones like appvj, wyzowl, and demo fuck. Either way good luck to you! And once again great article.
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  7. On Rotate4All's Paid-To-Promote network, you can earn cash for simply promoting your PTP URL or by surfing other links.


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