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Pool Live Tour now making a Official Video

Whoa ! Within Two years Pool Live Tour won their fans heart, with their service and the game. 

And now they are heading to make a official Trailer video. What can be better than that, fans are invited to send in their videos   
as short as 15 Seconds with their introduction and a greeting in their Native language !

Everyone who is connected with Pool Live Tour is excited about this Official Trailer video of the game, because the game Pool Live Tour is not just a game but a way of living life, learn tactics and win the race of life,  it teaches us. 

Upload a your video here 

As I am a old Player and used to be a Pool Live Tour trickster, so i am little famous in Pool Live Tour, as far as i know, i am being forgotten, because i am not much active because i left cheating, now i am learning web designing and so putting my time into it, so Pool Live Tour developers can relax and don't need to worry about me. 

Now, i am all ready to send in a video and i am sure it will be showcased in the Official Trailer, because i will promise not to make any cheats on Pool Live Tour with my 15 seconds introduction, i am all ready to start a new relationship with Pool Live Tour. 

I hope that my video will be selected for a part of the Official Trailer.......

Good luck Pool Live Tour for your video !

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