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Pool Live tour launching new Level, it's Snooker

Pool Live Tour is about to launch a new level before they launched they uploaded a photoon their Fb page with the hint what the game format is.

 Pool Live Tour is launching a new level after so many days, in the past they have launched many levels time to time, but the there was no difference in the all the levels, all were 8 Ball format but this time Pool Live Tour is coming with a brand new Level and it's not 8-ball it's Snooker !

I don't know if Snooker is your favorite game or not, but if you ask me i would say a big YES ! Because i love it's rules and way to play it. I am looking forward for what the Pool Live Tour's Snooker level will look like, as they have  great graphics for all the levels, and playing Snooker in such graphics will be my first time, so i am quite excited about it. 

Check the short Teaser pic Pool Live tour published on their Fan page

I will update the blog when the Snooker level is launched.. Thanks for reading.

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