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Fireworks in Pool Live Tour - New Feature

Whoa day by day Pool Live Tour is getting better . You all maybe noticing the changes.
But for this holiday Pool Live tour has got something very new and interesting , first it got all the host of Pool Live Tour a Santa Hat obviously for Christmas. And the newest is the Fireworks it's really good for entertainment when we win or he opponent wins , it creates a good effect.

Have a look at itAll the host in Pool Live Tour got hat to celebrate christmas

Good Yeah 

And also there was the release of Practice  Table on all levels , which you have to register for 1 hour with 50 C.

Today it launched a new feature , the fireworks ,hopefully it's not only for the Christmas ,to use it for 1 day normally you have to pay 200 C but for Christmas time it's 10 C only. Whenever you pocket a ball and when points are being given it's crack fireworks like this :

Great Game I must Say ! !

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