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How to trick the highscore in Game - Pool Live Tour


How to abandon a match.

Today I am gonna show you how to hack the points in game in Pool Live Tour , it's very similar to the post How to use Cheat-Engine in Pool Live tour

The score you will hack will be in your scorecard high score forever it's not only for sometime.As you can see mine. And others can also see it :) When they will ask you 'how did you do that' just tell about us. We will be grateful to you.

You need : 
1. Cheat-Engine                                                                             Download
2. A FireFox browser                                                                    Download

What to do :

Open Mozilla Firefox browser

Open Pool Live Tour in it

     v  Open Cheat-engine 

Ok now open Pool Live Tour in Firefox and cheat-engine together.

like this

Now switch to Cheat-Engine and by clicking on the computer icon on top , a list will appear from that list select PLUGIN CONTAINER

Ok now you select the Plugin Container also ..! Now you need to open a game, means play a game in any level you like.Because we will be able to hack high score only in game. 
So now you are in a game, ok when you pocket balls you got some scores . Now see that score how much it is and then type it into the Value. in Cheat-Engine

Here if I got 3160 score. I will type it 3160 in cheat-engine

And then click on  'First Scan'

Now some address will appear in right side box. Select all addresses by holding shift and clicking on first and then the last one. This is an easy way to select all address at once without any problem.

After you selected all the address, click on the RED ARROW below 

Now all the address will appear in the lower box, now select all the addresses by CTRL+A

And hit ENTER now a little box will appear in that box type your desired amount of High score you want to make.

Ok you enter ! It's almost done. Now pocket a ball and then see your score !

So here's it ! See your score ! Yo man you did it right !

Thank you for visiting our blog :)



  1. After the end of the game the score disappears .. and does not winning anything

  2. didnt work for me bro. please help !!!


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