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How to get Trohpy - 3 Balls in one shot - Pool Live Tour

Today I will show how to get the trophy '3 balls in one shot' in Pool Live Tour. 

It's not too hard as you always used to think. Just need some skills. Remember you have to apply the increase W trick first in order to make this trick work.
So when you are in the game with both your ID after applying the W increase trick you can now see the video how to do it. Remember, before we can get trophies in games without W but after Pool Live Tour admin saw that my trick is working fine they changed the rule that only in match with W we can get Trohpy but i break it too. First apply Increase W trick
 and then do the trophies.

So here's the link for the video on YouTube for better experience 


Here video on site. 

First set the game yourself using that trick , and place balls in this order to make it work


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