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Aiming Lines For No Aim Assist Levels Pool Live Tour - Deepak Kamat

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Hello ! Today I am talking about a tool that helps Pool Live Tour players to easily Aim balls even in No Aim Assist level, So what will be better than getting Easy Aim ! Yeah ?

All set ! 3 , 2 , ! ......................

Now it's for FREE !! , contact me in my Facebook id and take away the Genuine Copy.
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So you need these things : 
1.Any browser to play Pool Live Tour on
2.A software called PoolCheat.

You can get that software from me : Either buy with PayPal or mobile recharge Deepak Kamat

It's FREE NOW , contact in my Facebook Id, to get the genuine copy.

So after you have the software you need to use it. Using that software is not too hard you can use it easily the thing is to maintain it's size with the table size and to aim a ball press CTRL and drag your mouse to it !
And your aim got more easy ! YO !

Here's a picture.

See all lines in all pocket !



  1. i have it. i know mediafire link!!!


  3. can you upload it again


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