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Pool Live Tour Tricks - Aiming Lines in level 10

To buy you may contact our product manager : DIM KIM
Talk to him how to buy.

After a long period of time , we finished our work on making a software that will enable you to get Aiming Lines on level that , that will make level 10 easier than ever

A lot hard work , then we made this software ! So we want valuable amount for this software
You can either buy this software via Paypal or C-Points

If you are paying with C-Points here's the price list 

Players with less than 5M : 100k C
Players between 5M to 15M : 200k C
Players between 15M to 20M : 250k C
Players over 20M : 300k C 

Via Paypal :

To buy you can either check this video description 

watch on YouTube

As description said you can buy from Aumkar Thakur (software manager) or DIM KIM (top product manager)

Ok, as Aumkar is also handling customers from his blog , you can contact me also directly from Facebook here

Our Product Manager : DIM KIM   (please also leave a message to him )

Also like our fan page to be update with us.

This software is for educational purpose only,using it on illegal things can make your Facebook account disabled. Only use this software in Game

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