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New level in Pool Live Tour - 11 and 12

Today 24 November 2011 Pool Live Tour launched new level , this time this is more interesting because it's not the old 8 ball mode . It's 9 ball ! I don't know about you but 9 ball is my favorite ! And I like to play it very much.

The new levels are 12 and 11 the host is Jasmine

Jasmine host for the new level

The brand new level is a fresh new experience with 9 ball mode. I had played 9 balls many time on miniclip and other sites, but I like Pool Live Tour because it's controls and user interface are awesome.

So here both the Aim Assist and No Aim Assist mode is provided , 11 is for 25k C and 12 is for 50k C.
But now it's open only for 10 C so that all players can have a try in this level. Who knows if they will get other chance to play in this level or now.
Unfortunately the new levels don't have trophies, i think they will provide later because now the game is going on only for 10 C.

The interface , size of balls and table is all similar to level 10. Only the color of table is changed

The rules

 Level 11: Nine Ball Palace

Entry Requirements: 25,000 W  25,000 C
Game Bet: 25,000 C
Game Rules: 9 Ball
Table Size: Large
Aiming Lines: Full
So, now you've mastered all 10 Levels in Pool Live Tour it’s time for a new challenge! Try your luck in another classic version of the game: 9 Ball Pool. Your charming host in the Nine Ball Palace, Jasmine, is ready and waiting to introduce you to this popular billiard game.

 Level 12: Nine Ball Palace – No Aim Assist

Entry Requirements: 50,000 W  50,000 C
Game Bet: 50,000 C
Game Rules: 9 Ball
Table Size: Large
Aiming Lines: Limited
Love playing on PRO level with no aiming lines? In Nine Ball Palace – No Aim Assist you will have a chance to enjoy 9 Ball Pool the way you like. Good luck, the stakes are high!

9 Ball Rules

This version of Pool is played with just nine balls and one white ball. The goal is simple - to sink, at any time during the game, the ball with the number 9. To make things a little more tricky, you must always play the lowest numbered ball on the table, or else it's a foul. If you strike the lowest numbered ball first and simultaneously pocket any ball, you continue with another shot.
  • Failure to hit the lowest numbered ball on the table before striking another ball
  • Failure to neither pocket a ball nor for one of the balls on the table to strike one of the cushions
  • Pocketing the white ball
Following your opponent's foul, you may place the white ball anywhere on the table.
The appearance and sequence of balls in 9 Ball Pool:

So enjoy the new level , don't forget to give us feedback about the post.

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