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Increase W in Pool Live Tour - Deepak Kamat

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You always wanted to know how to make C and W in Pool Live Tour easily!

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Hi, I am Deepak Kamat, I was the first to find pool live tour trick and then published it to everyone so that they can also get help in Pool Live Tour with those tricks , but after I released many copy cats copied my contents but yet if you search Google for Pool Live Tour cheats you will find my website first !


*Note to increase C with this trick you need to do the trophies in Pool Live Tour. For hard trophy shots, i am uploading new videos.

Today for the first time I am going to release a trick privately means not publicly to everyone . You are seeing this because you did some steps to get this trick and now here’s how to do it !

You need : Two browsers , Two facebook ids (both on level 10) (If you can't manage two accounts with level 10 , do this in the level you are!)


v  Open both the Id on different browsers

v  Now open Pool Live Tour

v  Now click on Play&win on both the ID at the same time! Don’t make delay within 1 sec. click this on both ID
If you  can't play level 10 , do it in the level you play

v  Wait for the opponents to load, if you did correctly game will be set with your own id for W , to know that your game has been set with your own id , see the loading on both IDs if the opponents are loading at the same time , means the game has been set with your own id, but if not Cancel and try again.

v  Before when I posted my Pool Live Tour trophy trick it was working but when Pool live Tour admin saw our post they changed their system only for my trick that we can get trophies in games without W , but now I found the trick to set your game with W now earn W without playing games !

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You can use this trick to increase C also, by doing the trophies. For the trophies that are hard to do , you can check my youtube where you can find all :

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Thank you for visiting our Site . If you need any help please post it in comments


  1. Hy Deepak Give me 100 C"s as i m not so greedy my email id is

  2. Hi.all please I'need cheats game pool live tour

  3. Your tricks were good, but don't you have any tricks where I could still enjoy playing and win at the end?

  4. fuck cheaters..

  5. I tried it but it didn't work.
    Deepak, I think this trick works very rare.Do u have any solution?


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