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How to use Cheat-Engine in Pool Live Tour by Deepak Kamat

Wanna know how to use Cheat-Engine on Pool Live Tour

Hello today I will show how to use Cheat-engine on Pool Live Tour >> 
You need : 
1. Cheat-Engine                                                                             Download
2. Little amount of C ,buy from me                                              Buy
3. A FireFox browser                                                                    Download

If you want about 1k C , you can buy from me : FACEBOOK

What to do :

Open Mozilla Firefox browser
Open Pool Live Tour in it

v  Open Cheat-engine 

Ok now when you did all three steps, now listen what to do next

Pool Live Tour is opened in your Mozilla Firefox browser and cheat engine together

like this

Now in Cheat-Engine click on the Computer Icon and select the Plugin Container from the list

     Now in Pool Live Tour see how many C you have

Here 150

Ok, here it's 150 so now in the HEX type the C you have (ex: 150) and then 

After you 'First Scan' many addresses will appear in the right sidebar, to select them all at once click on the  address from you want to select and hold shift and holding shift scroll down and click the address till where you need

Note* you will also see Green Addresses below, dont select them or your flash will crash

Now when all addresses are selected click on the RED ARROW and all the selected addresses will go down in the lower box

Now in the lower box select all addresses by CTRL+A and hit enter , a box will appear type your required amount in it and OK

Now in opened Pool Live Tour see your C
Here i have also changed the W. The Process is same all you have to change is the value in Value.

Thank you for visiting our blog :)



  1. Replies
    1. sorry..but why i try it not happen?please help me

  2. it can be used not c...???

  3. thanks for sharing this interesting,

  4. It works but the moment you refresh, everything you bought or lose will be deducted from you actual account

    1. absolutely....!!!! its basically a web page editor !!!!!!

  5. it didnt work its shit its all lies and not real fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. poster u r wrong, v dont need to select "HEX" in scaning~

  7. Adobe Keeps on Crashing Even when i dont select the green Ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This thing do not works because the server knows the amount of cash you have.

  9. see last pic level and winnig bar empty fuk.....

  10. the cheat engine is correct but d codes dont work anymore........please help if anyone knows any other codes

  11. this is only eye deception... coins r not really increase..

  12. nicely explain sir.......but its not working..........plz give ur valuable mail id is

  13. the coin is changed.....but when i reload the game ....the coin become in previous value ...........what i have to do.....please send the solution on my id-

  14. This is only a delusion ..
    please if it could happen to forever send coins to my facebook account ..

    This my facebook account:
    Dwijayachandra KillinGme'version

  15. Noting is happening. Please help. My email id is

  16. you are going to fuck your self guys

  17. This is a fucking cheat !

  18. the coin is becoming previous value.. what to do plz reply


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