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Empire & Allies Cheats and Tricks - Get coins , build buildings faster !

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Wondered that it takes too much time to get bonus , house to complete building and coins !

Here's how to speed up time and get bonuses faster .

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Follow these Steps:

1.  You must have these two things on your PC  Firefox and CheatEngine , install both ( No need to do if you already have )

2. Open Firefox , in that open your fb with Empire & Allies , ( only open one tab , multiple tabs can cause malfunctioning )

3. Open Cheat-engine and Select the computer icon select plugin container from the list

3. Now Check mark Enable Speedhack and set it to 500.00 and apply

4. Once SpeedHack enabled , don't close cheat-engine , if you want to speed up the bonuses , Now if you a message like this saying you to Refresh :

First Refresh, but if it shows again after reloading , then click on refresh and in 2 secs click on cancel button on the browser

Cancel Button on Firefox ( found next to the address bar )

Video Tutorial:

Ok . So collect the coins and finsih your buildings faster to save time !

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