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:::Now a trick for earning 5k tokens easily:::

> First make an email id ,with that email id make one facebook

>  Now go to the come2play app from facebook

> You will get 5k for 'Signup Bonus'

> Now say a friend to take the 5k and give it to your main ID,but transfer with help of the friend whom you trust or he can cheat you by not giving you the tokens back.

> Because you cant bet against yourself,when you will try it will show this *You cant bet against yourself ,so the bet was canceled*  ,

Note: If you do it more than one time ,you will not get 5k next time, you will only get a sinlge time in a day,

*Note: But i can get 5k in every id i make even in a single day,if you want know how to do it,see my next new posts,I will mention how to do it.

*Note: And also mention how to bet yourself! so that you cant be cheated and you can also save time

                                                                                                         Information source : My Brain                            


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