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::Now how to Get 5k in every fb id you make::

This is what you will see if the process is succesful,this is the 5k you will get for signup bonus ,now transfer these 5k to your main id! and enjoy my blogs.

> You will get 5k in every id by following these steps

1) You need two browser : Google Chrome and Mozzila Firefox , if you dont have please download and install
Mozzila FireFox Private browsing option

2) Now open Mozzila Firefox and in Tools select 'Start Private Browsing' and login to your main ID

Google Chrome icognito option

3) Now open Google Chrome and in Chrome click on the option and select 'New icognito window'

4) Make fake fb ids in the Chrome Icognito window from which you have to go to facebook and go to come2play app,and after entering the room you will get 5k make many id as you can ,every single id gives you 5k! enjoy !!

5) Now transfer the tokens by a friend

Note: The easiest email making site is

Note: If you make an id and you  go to the come2play app ,and even after you logout from the fb and then you login from the other fb id you will be still login in the come2play app with the previous id so you have to close the window once an open it again :-)  ,But always open in ICOGNITO WINDOW IN CHROME!
and your main id (where you want to keep all the 5k tokens got in fake ids) in Mozzila Firefox Private browsing

*Note: Next post will show how to bet againts yourself!

*NOTE: Make as many fake ids you can and get 5k for every id,but if you will not open it in Chrome icognito and mozzila private browsing you will not get the tokens after one you have got.

* Meet me on come2play and ask me simply or email me every questions you have in your mind*


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