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::How to Bet against yourself::

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This is what it will show if you bet against yourself normaly:
But by following my steps you can also bet against yourself (on same pc or computer) without and IP changer

 You cant bet against yourself because if the IP address or the email address of both account are same

But i knot how to beat that!

As i said in previous blogs ,that make fake IDs and transfer tokens with a help of a friend, but here you dont need any friends to help.

Now here are the steps:

1) Open Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox

2 Open a new incognito window in Chrome, and Start private Browsing in Firefox

2) Now open the fake id you made for 5k in Chrome incognito and your main id in Firefox private browsing

3) Now set a bet with any id , and accept from other id and now play the bet wont be canceled

This two are mine IDs ,but still i can bet, by this trick try the trick yourself!

*NOTE : please never play the both id in normal Firefox and chrome window, if you do so,you cant bet against yourself even in Incognito and Private Browsing with the same two IDs,because the come2play server linked those two IDs.!



  1. see aum, it will not work if you trying to bet two IDs that have played before and showed *Bet was canceled* because the server link those two ids it will only work on the ids you didn't played before from same computer, this is not a major problem if you want to transfer the tokens to the ids you tried : make new id and first take the amount of tokens to the new id and now transfer it to main id from new id! , hope you got it..

  2. @ aum , see the '*NOTE' in the post ,and before asking question kindly read all description and notes

  3. before making a new id delete history and cookies
    use ccleaner : download ccleaner from google search

  4. another trick in russian roulette to win unlimited. its a software in mozilla. and use of cheat engine can win games

  5. See, if oyu even make Fake id in Icognito and Private browsing you dont need to clean history and cookies because these modes of browser wont save and history or cookies on your computer! so . you can also download if you want to!

  6. which software...?and how

  7. Haha.. i dont know.. anonymous said this.. and i dont know who's he/her

  8. plz tell me the software and cheat engine use plzzzz

  9. Me and Deepak invented this trick.....:D!


  10. At first,i can bet against myself,but in sudden,i couldn't bet myself.please tell me the solusion.

  11. deepak please tell me how to cheat in russian roulette. the trickz and combination of choosing the bullet hole in game


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