How to earn money online - genuine way!

There are a lot of ways to earn money fast on the Internet but not all of them always works, some are even fake, but this one actually works.

* Remember you would need a Paypal account in order to receive the payment.

This is an affiliate program, you would need to tell your friends to sign-up by using your affiliate link. But this affiliate program is much much better than any program out there which requires just a sign-up and you get $5 for 1 sign-up, there's no need for your referral to pay money for you to get the amount.

Follow the steps to successfully create an account on the website to get started.

Sign-up Yourself 

Before you start inviting others to sign-up, first sign-up yourself. Go to this link:

Now on the right side of the website click on "Sign-up"

Now fill up the form and submit. You will receive an activation link on your email, activate your account. That's it for the first step, now move onto the next step.

Get your affiliate link

Once you have activated your account. Go to this page: 000webhost Affiliate

In the form enter your email id, name and password and accept the Terms&Condition and continue.  

Once you sign-in there, you will be given an affiliate link:

Now use the affiliate link. Send it to your friends, post it on forums and whenever a person signs-up through your link you get $5 for it. 

Note: Payouts are done 30 days after a user signs-up, that's because it requires the user to be active at least 30 days on the website.

Invite as friends as you can and earn 100s of every month!

The Best Free WebHosting with cPanel 2014

Are you looking for a free web hosting service that you can count on? If you haven't yet heard about 000webhost, then you are living in the dark age.

000WebHost.com provides free web hosting with cPanel and it doesn't even require a custom domain, they also give you a free sub-domain on one of their domain names.

There are many reasons one might want to use a free webhost -- to host downloaded files, images, host a website or maybe a phishing page ? That depends on you.

The user interface of the website looks really dull but does that matter? The service they provide is really impressive. 


Bad Piggies Crack for PC - Pure Crack

The wait is over ! Bad Piggies have been launched for iPhone,iPad,Android, Mac and PC. Bad Piggies is yet another physic game like Angry birds from Rovio and that's what make it everyone's favorite.


Running Prince Of Persia - The Two Thrones Successfully

If you got the game "Prince Of Persia - The Two Thrones" on your computer but not able to run it then it will feel very bad. Having an amazing game but due to some reasons you can't run it.

The normal setup for game require you to launch the game using a system detection tool, which checks all you hardware and software specifications before running the game but if not all requirements are ticked then you won't be able to run the game. Sadly the Launch Game ! button appears faded and you can't click it.

WAIT ! There's a Wordaround..

The New Workaround

We received a lot of feedback from people stating that the old trick didn't work, maybe it doesn't work the same for everyone, so before you try the old trick, try this one, there's a chance it may work! (Thanks to an Anonymous user for this trick)

The trick is as simple as this:
  1. Open the game as usual. The game launcher might appear with the disabled button. 
  2. Leave the launcher opened
  3. Go back to the game folder and double-press pop?.exe
Now the game must open and you can play :D

The Workaround (try the trick above)

The workaround is very simple and if you have had an experience with some game that can be activated for cheats, just like the Max Payne 2 game, where you had to change some properties. It's same. Follow the Steps. 
  • Go to the Game Folder  
  • Now look for the file POP3 (look for the shortcut on the desktop if you have already)
  • Right click on the File and select Properties
  • In the General tab, just add "-dxlevel 7" or  "-dxlevel 8" or  "-dxlevel 8.1" without the quotes.
  • The File Name should look like this "POP3-dxlevel 7" 
That's it ! Now the run the game directly from that file and Enjoy !  


Double Earnings of Paid-To-Promote

Paid-To-Promote.net, the website it has looks very dull and unprofessional from outside but believe me it's the best earning method i have ever seen on internet. Although you don't start earning without investing, here i am talking about investing hard work. 


Pool Live Tour New Cues Hack

Pool Live Tour is soon going to launch some brand new cues for you to buy and play. They will have some amazing features never seen before and everyone is excited about it at the time.


Amazing Alexa for PC - Computer version and Browser version

Amazing Alexa, a new physic puzzle game from our favorite game developer company Rovio, the developers who created the most popular game of the decade 'Angry Birds'. No doubts the game is awesome, i played it on my android, it's great, people who love physic will like to put their hands on this game.

There are many negative responses from some users and all of them are wrong, after i played this game and i loved and keep playing it for whole day, the concept of the game is what i like and any person interested in physic will.

I don't use my phones too often and i don't even feel comfortable playing on a touch screen platform and i contacted the officials at rovio for any news about launch of Amazing Alex on PC or Browser platform. And i am regularly in touch with them.


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Pool Live Tour Snooker - Aiming Lines Professional (2012)

Recently Pool Live Tour have launched two new levels Snooker 13 and 14 one is aiming line and other is without any aiming assistant, both the levels are for a really big stake for now they are 100k and 250k, there used to be a time when there was only 1k games but now you can see the promotions. 


Pool Live tour launching new Level, it's Snooker

Pool Live Tour is about to launch a new level before they launched they uploaded a photoon their Fb page with the hint what the game format is.


Pool Live Tour now making a Official Video

Whoa ! Within Two years Pool Live Tour won their fans heart, with their service and the game. 

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